Surreal. Home. Crazy. Life. Called.

These words surfaced when asking the team about our first week in Bogotá.

It has been surreal. After first being presented with the thought of moving to Bogotá, to praying and asking God for direction, to saying ‘yes’ to following God here, to planning, to raising funds and prayer support and now to finally be living in Bogotá with our bags unpacked is, yes, very surreal.

It is becoming home. We arrived late Tuesday night with no troubles in flying or receiving all of our luggage (Thank you for your prayers) and came to a house that looks extremely different from any American home. A house that had been prayed for and diligently sought after by the Moore’s and God gave it to us, yet of course, it didn’t feel like home. In the past week, we have made steps to make it into our home. We were able to buy mattresses and bed frames. We have turned the blank, white walls in our room into walls that have pictures of loved ones, fun memories and little reminders of our home in America. This house is turning into our home.

It is absolutely crazy. Crazy to not be able to understand the language. Crazy to see how people drive here. Crazy to not flush your toilet paper in the toilet. Crazy to not be able to wear shorts even though it is hot outside because the culture deems Bogotá to be ‘cold country’. Crazy to not be able to just go for a walk outside alone. It is absolutely crazy but that doesn’t mean bad or good. Just different. Life will be different here and it will definitely take time to adjust!

We feel life. Even though it has been a week full of chaos, we do not feel drained. We are being energized, as a team, through worship and prayer knowing we are at the center of God’s will and that is exactly where we want to be. Jesus came to give us ‘life and life abundantly’ and when we follow Him into the unknown, we experience life. We are cognizant of the trials to flood our way and the mountains and valleys we will also experience, but there is no greater joy than following Jesus and the life He gives.

We feel called. We are comforted to know each of us individually feels called by God to be living in this city, at this time. Our obedience to God brought us here and we are confident in His plan for what He has in store. We are excited to follow His lead in navigating strategies to claim this city for Christ.

Amidst the crazy, we are confident of God’s specific call for each of us as we continue to do life together here in Bogotá, making this our new home and having the feeling of surreal wane and reality grow.

Written by: Olivia Osterlund


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