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MILK Project | Mozambique


The Milk Project was started by a group of nurses who saw a difficult situation and decided to do something about it. According to UNICEF 44% of Mozambican children under the age of five are stunted. Children who are undernourished between conception and age two are at high risk for impaired cognitive development, and the effects are irreversible. The nurses found that some of the causes for this stunting was due to the fact that the mothers themselves are too malnourished to be able to lactate and too poor to provide formula for the baby. Instead they resort to a mix of rice water and mashed potatoes to keep the babies full but leaving them with no source of nutrition. Another reason is the fact that many women die while giving birth in Mozambique, leaving their newborns at the care of a grandmother.  In some cases, the mothers are HIV-positive and breastfeeding is not a viable option.  Without the milk project, the only other option is to leave the babies in an orphanage, where they are separated from family and the love and care that only a family can provide.

In response to these problems, the nurses decided to open a clinic. When this project first started, it was funded out of pocket by these nurses. They were seeing about 10 babies per week. The clinic has babies come in when they are first born, and they are provided with formula until they are 6 months old. Mothers and caregivers can come and get a weekly check-up for the babies. This check-up includes taking down all of the baby’s information, checking their weight to make sure that they are growing as they should once in the program, checking their skin for lesions, checking for obvious signs of Tuberculosis, and checking for thrush around their mouth and various other illnesses. They also provide the caretaker with a bottle and a week’s supply of formula and explain to them how to properly prepare a bottle for the baby. When the nurses returned to their respective countries and the project was going to be left without funds, Little Changes International decided to step in and take over the project. We currently have a Mozambican nurse, Fatima, overseeing the clinic and a couple of helpers who make this happen every week. Ruth, a nurse previously involved with the milk project, continues to provide direction and leadership to Fatima and the team. The project has grown quite a bit and we are now seeing an average of 35 babies every week.

The biggest cost for this project is the infant formula. In Mozambique, infant formula comes at a similar cost, as it would be in the United States, which is cost-prohibited to the village people that typically make less than $2 per day.  The remaining costs are for providing wages to the workers and medical supplies. A donation of $180 dollars allows for a baby to go through the whole six months of the project. By donating to the Milk-project you are literary saving lives! If you’d like to get involved in what we are doing please send us an email at or donate directly on our website.



Give Milk, Give Hope, Give Life

For $1 a day you can provide milk for an infant for a whole month.
Consider becoming a recurring donor and give a baby a second chance at life!

100% of your donation goes towards the cause.