The Harvest

Everyone in our board has been tremendously impacted by the Milk Project. I must confess that it is very difficult for us to keep up with our lives and also take the time to update everyone in everything that we are a part of. I ask that you would forgive us for the lack of updates and for the lack of information. Know that you are greatly appreciated and the lives that you have saved matter.

When my husband Alex and I went to Mozambique we never thought we would be there for such short amount of time, nor did we think we would ever be granted the blessing and opportunity that it has been to serve the Milk Project.

We went in search of meaning for our lives; it was never even in our radar that we would be involved in saving the lives of babies.

God is good. His plans are always bigger and greater than anything we could come up with. We left Mozambique feeling a bit empty; we felt like we had failed, like we accomplished nothing. Now looking back I stand in awe of the magnitude and the heaviness, the huge responsibility that it is to provide for these babies who have no voice and who would otherwise be in an orphanage or even worse dead.




It blows my mind to think that there is a mother out there so desperately wanting to provide for her babe, and unable to do so. Hearing her child cry and unable to meet his needs. Desperate to feed her baby but at the same time being in such harsh condition that she cannot lactate to provide for her. Oh what it must feel like to wrap your baby in your arms and cry along with her. The feeling of helplessness, the feeling of watching your child disappear one day at a time.

I praise God because we encountered this project 6 years ago. I praise Him for those nurses who got it started and all of those who volunteered. I praise Him because we were able to create Little Changes International, and I especially praise Him for those of you who are a part of saving lives with us. For those of you who every month write a check, out of obedience, out of compassion, out of love. Thank you for your sacrifice, it does not go unnoticed. May the Lord bless you a thousand times what you have given and what you have done.




Recently I received a message from our all-star nurse, Fatima. She just wanted to take a moment to thank you for saving lives. She asked that we would write you, and tell you that this is the labor of the Lord, that the project is steady, babies continue to come in and more momma’s find out about the clinic and are impacted by its love.  Thank you to some incredibly gracious donations we were able to expand the project and allow the babies to stay until they are a full year of age. This is a huge blessing, as you know that it is so difficult for these mommas to find the proper food to feed their babies. This allows us to give them proper nutrition and a proper foundation that will carry them out of the danger of being underdeveloped, and malnourished. We have about 40 babies at any given point, and we have a few volunteers who help directing traffic and teaching moms how to properly make bottles and care for their babes.




Last year we had set apart some money to fund the new floors for the clinic. Up until that point it was mud and of course during the rainy season, the clinic would flood, be filled with mosquitoes and it would make very harsh conditions for the moms and their babies. We raised enough money to put in cement floors. However, the church that allows us to use their space for the clinic is growing very fast and is thinking about expanding.  Once the new site is found, we will go forward with the construction of the floors. This will help with the growth of the Milk Project and improve the conditions, especially during the rainy season.




Thank you again for your continued support, thank you for being a part of our team! Thank you and may you find joy in knowing that you have saved the life of many babies! More updates to come. I leave you with this lovely verse, which carries me through times of tiredness and frustration:

“Do not grow weary of doing good for at the proper time you will reap a harvest.”

Galatians 6:9





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