Pure Love

As we walked around the village of Manga, we made home visits to the mothers whose babies had already graduated from the Milk Project.  On one visit we met a little 10-year-old boy whose face will forever be ingrained in my mind. This boy’s story is so sweet yet so sad, and my heart breaks for him but also rejoices that there are people as selfless as he is.




This little guy’s mother was very ill when she had his two younger siblings – twins. She could barely take care of herself, much less take care of her kids. His brothers were becoming ill because of malnourishment and by the grace of God, the little boy heard about our clinic and decided to take his mom and the twins to the clinic to ask for help. The mom carried one baby and he carried the other. While the twins were still in our project, the mother passed away, yet he continued to take the babies to the clinic by himself. The clinic is about a 30-minute walk from his home. He did this until the babies were healthy enough to eat regular food and now both of them have graduated from our clinic and are well. They have survived what is one of the most critical developmental ages for their brain and body.  Lack of nutrition during the infant months brings many issues, but by the grace of God and the strength of this boy, these twins were able to avoid that.


This little one has no mother to watch over him, to love him, to care for his needs. He had to give up the chance to go to school in order to watch over his younger brothers and to take care of things at home. However, we rejoice in knowing that the babies are doing well. They are strong and they love their older brother so much! This kid – he has a heart of gold – his smile penetrates the soul, he inspires me to be content, to love sacrificially, to love deeply, and to love like Christ, who gave up His life so that we could be loved and redeemed.  He makes sacrifices everyday for his little brothers. That’s powerful!


I’m thankful for all of you out there who support us financially and helped this little boy have a place to take his family when they were in a desperate situation. I thank you because you are helping to save lives, bring hope, and make an impact in more ways than you will ever know. This little boy is proof that what we are doing here matters and we are all in this together. Thank you for helping us make a difference in this world, one baby and one family at a time.  If you know of someone who would be interested in partnering up with us please do not hesitate to reach out to them.  Help us share so that we can improve and grow, and be able to help more families in need.


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