Hey you!

Don’t have plans Friday night? No problem, we can fix that. Already have plans? No worries, we can fix that too!

Come to our family friendly Bingo night this Friday, November 7 at St. Thomas University. It will be an amazing night with lots of fun, full dinner included, and FREE childcare! Family bingo night is a fundraiser benefiting a volunteer home in Armenia, Colombia which houses an average of 35 under privileged children at a time. All proceeds of the event will go directly to maintaining the home, nutritious meals, and drastically changing the lives of these children. For more information, go to www.Little-Changes.org. We appreciate your contribution as none of this would be possible without your generous support!


LCI Bingo Night

Don’t think about it anymore, grab all of your friends and head down to St. Thomas U. You will change a person’s live all while having a blast! Purchase your ticket here!

If you can’t make it, we will really miss you! However, you can still be a part of the night by purchasing a raffle ticket, or 20 of them! The more you buy the better chance you will have to win many prizes! Buy your raffle tickets  here!

See you soon!


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