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Joyful Singing- Mozambique

Alex Moore is the president of Little Changes International and recently travelled to Mozambique to visit LCI’s Milk Project.  The following blog post captures his thoughts from the trip.

I recently had the opportunity to fly to Mozambique to see the progress of our Milk Project and get a report from our team there in the city of Beira and the small village of Manga where we have the clinic.  I was accompanied by Justin and Kirby Betancourt of Ambient Studios (Pearland, TX) who came to capture video of the clinic and photos of the surrounding areas.  The video for the Milk Project is coming out soon, and it is incredible!  They are so talented, and it was such a blessing to the team to have them there to show the wonderful work being done in Mozambique.

The Milk Project has a special place in my heart, because I saw the project in its infancy while living in Mozambique in 2011.  Soon thereafter, LCI became a nonprofit organization and the Milk Project was its first official project.  It had been almost three years since I had last visited, so I was excited to see familiar faces but somewhat worried to see how things had changed in that time.

The team showed up on Wednesday – a day before the weekly milk clinic on Thursday – to set up the film equipment for the following day.  The clinic is held in the same building since the beginning, but I was immediately struck by the growth in the surrounding neighborhood.  Manga, still a village on the outskirts of the larger Beira, has seen much population growth in a short amount of time. I met some of the families in the area and had some time to speak with Fatima, our R.N. who heads the local team there.


Milk Clinic

The women wearing their best outfits, waiting for their babies to be seen.


The next morning, we showed up promptly at 9am for the milk clinic, only to hear the loud voices of women singing.  “They’ve been here for 30 minutes and they haven’t stopped singing!” our volunteer Catarina explained to us.  It was the mothers and caretakers who have children being helped by the clinic.  They wanted to make it clear to their American visitors how grateful they were for the clinic.  It was a powerful moment.  The rest of the day flew by.  Even though we have almost 40 babies each week, the clinic takes just about two hours.  Fatima spends personal time with each mother/caretaker to really assess how each baby is doing.  She takes the measurements and makes notes and Catarina passes out the week’s supply of milk.  The film team interviewed some of the women; some of them came from very difficult backgrounds, but what an encouragement to hear how Fatima and the rest of the LCI team invested in the life of the women and their babies!




A mother and her children at the Milk Project


For the rest of our time, we were out in the community, meeting families who have been helped by the clinic.  It was amazing to see how much they respect Fatima and the work she does.  To them, she is the face of Little Changes. Multiple ladies told us that they had nothing when they showed up on the first day to the milk clinic.  This is where the Milk Project has advanced the most. Before, the Thursday morning clinic was the focal point of the project.  Now, it is the weekly family visits that have become the focus.  “This is how we can make the most impact,” Fatima informs me.  “Caring for the babies is more than just the milk.  I have to see the conditions and work with the women in a more holistic approach.

Before I left, I asked Fatima if she thought we were doing God’s work out here. Her reply summed it up so well.  “Yes, this is God’s work because we are doing what Jesus did.  He was in the community with the people and we are saving lives.  Maybe we aren’t doing it miraculously – raising the dead to life or causing the lame to walk again – but we are saving the lives of these babies.  Definitely God’s work here.



A grandmother feeding her baby the formula


Not Just A Band-Aid

Joy and laughter filled the outside courtyard as the girls rode round and round on their bikes spraying each other with the rainwater that fell earlier. The fun times when we sat on the porch area and cut out shapes together to decorate the living room. The bookshelf and television found right inside the door that would securely lock each night for the girls’ protection. Hanging the English alphabet in their room to help them learn, a huge family tree hanging above the stairs, and paper balloons on the wall to represent each of the girls’ birthday. All of these memories flood back to my mind when I think about the times I visited Home of Hope during the time I spent in Cambodia. The girls would get home from school and time always went so quickly before we had to leave, but sometimes they would come with us so we could go do devotions together at the rescue home. When I visited I saw housemothers involved in each of the girls’ lives and meeting their needs. I saw joy due to the restoration and healing the girls had undergone.





Before Cambodia, I did not know what to expect. To my knowledge I had never crossed paths and interacted with children who had been through so much trauma in their lifetime. I did not know whether or not this organization was truly helping Cambodian girls in the restoration process or creating a dependency and just putting a Band-Aid on the problem. But what I saw was something I believed in.  I heard about the situations they came from. I loved that the organization was fighting for their justice and their freedom. Considering everything each of the girls had been through, I saw genuine joy on their faces and a glimmer of hope.  The Home of Hope is proactively meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the girls in the home. They seek to build unity between the girls so they become like family to one another, but when the girls are able, the organization seeks to reintegrate them to their families when it is safe. I am forever grateful to be able to see with my own eyes what is happening right now in Cambodia to fight the injustice of trafficking and to see the impact Home of Hope is making in the lives’ of precious, young girls who are wonderfully made with purpose and passion. This home truly is a home of HOPE, because not only are they given hope through restoration and healing, but they are also taught about the true Healer. The staff and volunteers share with each one of the girls the deep love of Jesus; the true, eternal HOPE. And for that, I am thankful.

No, We Wont Stay Silent!


No, we won’t stay silent, we will fight for freedom! Join us in making Little Changes that will have major impact. If you’d like to get involved in fighting this cause, send us an email at or donate to support our project.

Photo by Skott Khuu

Addressing Child Prostitution and Trafficking

There are 27 million slaves in the world today, the most in human history. 
Of that number, over one million young children are trafficked and sold as slaves specifically in the global sex industry – annually.

Through the past few years God has really humbled us, both as an organization and as a group of individuals.   There have been many moments where we felt overwhelmed, inadequate, and unable to confront any of the massive challenges facing the children of the world.    When we were first struck with the staggering reality of child slavery and prostitution, we felt a sinking sense of powerlessness. But if we feel so weak, how must the children feel?  There are thousands upon thousands of them living through these horrors at this exact moment, deeply rooted with feelings of hopelessness, and even worse, worthlessness.     God had to show us that in our weakness, He is strong.

Little changes become big movements in the simplest of ways:  one child at a time.    God opened some unexpected doors, and we are now so thankful to have made a partnership with the SHE Rescue Home organization in Cambodia, which helps to counsel and love on at-risk and trafficked young girls.   In late 2013 we started funding a new and more remote  ‘Family Transition Home’ for girls who are hoping to reintegrate safely back into their families.   It’s been such a joy to see this unfold and to hear all about how the girls are being loved and having fun just being kids.    Look here for our latest update from the Family Home! 

January 2014 marked the first year to observe the annual National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month – a huge step in the right direction.    But while prevention is crucial for the future, it nearly forgets the unknown numbers of children throughout the world who are currently suffering in situations of slavery and prostitution.   Over the next few weeks, we will be posting more information on the crisis of modern day child slavery, including some opportunities to make a difference for these children.

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Second Annual Family Bingo Night

What an incredible turnout for our Bingo night! It’s so incredible for us to be a part of such beautiful work. Not only was it a super fun night, but also we were able to raise money in order to better the quality of life of so many children! Lots of people came, played, ate, won prizes, made new friendships, and most importantly made an impact in the lives of so many!

Click the thumbnails below to see some images from the event:

I want to take this time to thank every one who participated on the Bingo night, including all the volunteers who helped put it all together. I cannot express enough how amazing it was to see so many people gathered in one room with the desire to help those in need. The way everything came together was so amazing. There were so many people who donated prizes and sponsored this event. It couldn’t have happened without them and so we are extremely thankful! The best part of putting together an event like this is definitely the end result; just to think that with such a fun night we get to provide the basic necessities for our children from the Seeds of Hope home. They will be receiving things like medicine, clothes, school supplies, housing and many other basic needs.


Little Changes hopes to continue to fund this home and expand our project. Our hope and our vision are to be able to hire more staff in order to give individual attention to all the children from the home and also to grow the spiritual aspect of our project.  These children all have the desire to be recognized, to be somebody. They want to make a difference. They have so much potential and we believe we can help them realize their dreams. This is their second chance and we want to set the best foundation possible to change the path they were headed and give them the tools and opportunities to become who God has designed them to be.


If you would like to be updated on our project, if you want to get involved in any way, and/or if you want to know more about what we are doing, please message us at Also make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @_LittleChanges 


SHE Family Home Oct Nov 2013

An Update on the Cambodia Family Home

God has been doing amazing work at the Family Home in Cambodia!   The wonderful women and local workers of the SHE Rescue Home organization have been showing the six girls there such love and emotional care, and we are excited to share some of their recent updates and praise reports:

The past few months brought both challenges and opportunities for the home.  Several local festivals and holidays have kept the girls very busy with craft making, field trips, and family visits when possible.     In October the home hosted a small self-defense class for the girls, which helped them to learn some important new skills in a fun environment.   Weekly swim lessons have proven to be very popular with the girls as well, with many improving rapidly and enjoying races together.   The water is not always welcome however, and recent flooding throughout the region has caused a few issues around the home (though steps are being made with local authorities to address this challenge).

Christmastime afforded the home some great opportunities to reach out to the families.   The girls were able to make cards and Christmas gift bundles to give to their families with toys, clothes, and toiletries, which meant quite a lot to the girls and their families!  Family situations are complicated among the girls.   Some are having great interactions with their families and are progressing closer to safely reintegrating with them.  Others are having difficulties due to family finances, unsafe living environments, or even families who may turn down their opportunity to reintegrate.   This is a main prayer request for the girls, as a positive reintegration to a healthy family environment would be ideal for them.
All of the girls have their own personality and interests, from schoolwork to sports to crafts, and it’s amazing to see how God is using these activities to restore and encourage them.   Let’s pray that God will continue to shower grace and love on these little ones through the gospel and opportunities for reparation and relationships!

For more info and image updates, see our reports from the SHE Rescue Home:

Photo report – November 2013
Family Transition Home Updates – November 2013

Photo report – Oct 2013
Family Transition Home Updates – October 2013

The New House

We Have a Home

We are thrilled to announce that we officially have a home in Armenia, Colombia. After months of searching for a home and being rejected several times, we finally were able to find a home for Sonia and all the children that live with her. It is so amazing to see how God works: although the other houses we looked at were all better and bigger than the place where Sonia lived, they do not compare to the house that God has provided! This house has more rooms, giving us enough space to put several bunk beds in each room, it also has lots of closet space so that the children will be able to store their belongings! The kitchen is much bigger, providing plenty of room for the meals that feed hundreds of kids, and the living room is big enough for these kids to finally eat together! There are also several showers and bathrooms and it even has a small terrace to perhaps plant a couple of things.

The New House

The New House

We are so excited to finally be able to use what God’s provision!  We are in the process of buying furniture, and even getting some of it made so that it fits perfectly in the space that we have been given. What an amazing opportunity it is to be able to share this with all the people that have participated in making this possible, not only through giving but also the many prayers that have been lifted up. So, thank you again and please continue to pray for Seeds of Hope. It is an on going project and there is so much to be done!


An update on Seeds of Hope

We are so grateful for all the people who came out and supported us during the Bingo night. What a blessing it was to see so many people gathered together to have fun, but also to put our hearts together for this beautiful cause in Armenia, Colombia. The turnout was amazing, we were able to meet our goal and it was definitely a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, things are not always very easy when it comes with working with different countries. The government of Colombia has made it a little difficult for us to find a home for these children since their requirements are very specific and very hard to find, especially in a city like Armenia. We have been looking for a home, and we have made it to the closing stage twice, but then circumstances outside our control have caused the deals to fall through.  I feel like part of this is that we are indeed in a spiritual warfare and when the enemy sees that we, the kingdom of God, want to make things happen, there are always going to be attacks. However, we are not giving up and we know that God is preparing something amazing for these children. Our dream for this project is to be able to build a place that meets all the qualifications the government is asking for, and we are working to see things happen. We would like to invite you to pray with us to be able to find land that would be in a safe location for these children and that we would be able to build them a place that they could call home.

All of the money that was raised at the bingo night is still intact and waiting to be spent on furniture and supplies for the children.  We have identified a local supplier so that we will be able to furnish the future home as soon as possible.  We are so excited to be able to do this for the children. What a magnificent blessing it would be for them to have their own beds, forks, plates, etc. We look forward to the day when we can place all the pieces of this puzzle together. For now we ask that you would fervently pray for their safety, their health, and the healing they have to go through to overcome all the things that they have gone through. Thank you so much for being a part of our movement with Little Changes International.




Seeds of Hope

Armenia, Colombia: Seeds of Hope

We are so excited to introduce to you our new project! We have recently been given the opportunity to partner up with a Colombian organization to help stop a vicious cycle of child abuse, labor and homelessness in Armenia, Colombia.

In Armenia, it is not rare to find children asking for money out on the streets, or to see them working odd jobs for very little pay. In this particular city many children are forced to work in order to provide for their families. Many of these families are made up of women who are slaves to the sex industry and/or addicted to drugs. The fathers of these children, who are more than likely not involved, are also addicted to drugs and usually struggle with alcoholism.  Most of these homes are unstable and present a very violent and dangerous environment in which the children are in most cases responsible for the well being of the entire family. These children are forced to leave school and go to the streets, leaving their innocence behind as they are victims of abuse, drugs, violence, and often abandonment from their own family.

Little Changes International wants to make it possible for this cycle to stop. We want to be the voice for those who are not heard. We want people to know that these precious children who are on the streets are not there because they chose to leave their wonderful life, but because unfortunately they don’t have families who will fight for them. Little Changes International wants to give these children an opportunity at life. We want them to be educated, to be healthy, and most of all to know what it feels like to be loved. We want to help Sonia with a home that will house 25 children who have been left to mend for themselves – a home for these children who have been through it all and are ready to move on with life.

However, this house will serve for more than just a home for these children. Some of our goals for this house are: for children to be reinstalled back in school, to host 150 children that will be fed nutritious meals on a daily basis, to provide counseling in order for them to cope with their traumatic experiences, to provide after-school activities, to provide medical care and drug rehabilitation, and to provide edification through the Word of God. Lastly, this home will also host “preventative schools” for children at risk, and for children who are already attending school but need extra support.

Please help us make this project possible by praying for each of the children that will live in this home, and for those who will be involved with any of our projects. You can also help us by donating whatever you can to Little Changes International. You can find how to donate by going to get involved tab on our website. Your donation for this project will go directly to help pay for this home and everything that is needed in order to reach our goals.

Website Launch

We are proud to announce that Little Changes International is now online!  We will be adding content with blog posts, missions projects, media, and more.  See ‘get involved’ to help out the cause!