An update on Seeds of Hope

We are so grateful for all the people who came out and supported us during the Bingo night. What a blessing it was to see so many people gathered together to have fun, but also to put our hearts together for this beautiful cause in Armenia, Colombia. The turnout was amazing, we were able to meet our goal and it was definitely a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, things are not always very easy when it comes with working with different countries. The government of Colombia has made it a little difficult for us to find a home for these children since their requirements are very specific and very hard to find, especially in a city like Armenia. We have been looking for a home, and we have made it to the closing stage twice, but then circumstances outside our control have caused the deals to fall through.  I feel like part of this is that we are indeed in a spiritual warfare and when the enemy sees that we, the kingdom of God, want to make things happen, there are always going to be attacks. However, we are not giving up and we know that God is preparing something amazing for these children. Our dream for this project is to be able to build a place that meets all the qualifications the government is asking for, and we are working to see things happen. We would like to invite you to pray with us to be able to find land that would be in a safe location for these children and that we would be able to build them a place that they could call home.

All of the money that was raised at the bingo night is still intact and waiting to be spent on furniture and supplies for the children.  We have identified a local supplier so that we will be able to furnish the future home as soon as possible.  We are so excited to be able to do this for the children. What a magnificent blessing it would be for them to have their own beds, forks, plates, etc. We look forward to the day when we can place all the pieces of this puzzle together. For now we ask that you would fervently pray for their safety, their health, and the healing they have to go through to overcome all the things that they have gone through. Thank you so much for being a part of our movement with Little Changes International.




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