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Addressing Child Prostitution and Trafficking

There are 27 million slaves in the world today, the most in human history. 
Of that number, over one million young children are trafficked and sold as slaves specifically in the global sex industry – annually.

Through the past few years God has really humbled us, both as an organization and as a group of individuals.   There have been many moments where we felt overwhelmed, inadequate, and unable to confront any of the massive challenges facing the children of the world.    When we were first struck with the staggering reality of child slavery and prostitution, we felt a sinking sense of powerlessness. But if we feel so weak, how must the children feel?  There are thousands upon thousands of them living through these horrors at this exact moment, deeply rooted with feelings of hopelessness, and even worse, worthlessness.     God had to show us that in our weakness, He is strong.

Little changes become big movements in the simplest of ways:  one child at a time.    God opened some unexpected doors, and we are now so thankful to have made a partnership with the SHE Rescue Home organization in Cambodia, which helps to counsel and love on at-risk and trafficked young girls.   In late 2013 we started funding a new and more remote  ‘Family Transition Home’ for girls who are hoping to reintegrate safely back into their families.   It’s been such a joy to see this unfold and to hear all about how the girls are being loved and having fun just being kids.    Look here for our latest update from the Family Home! 

January 2014 marked the first year to observe the annual National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month – a huge step in the right direction.    But while prevention is crucial for the future, it nearly forgets the unknown numbers of children throughout the world who are currently suffering in situations of slavery and prostitution.   Over the next few weeks, we will be posting more information on the crisis of modern day child slavery, including some opportunities to make a difference for these children.

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