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Board of Directors

Little Changes International is composed of a group of individuals passionate about ministry, foreign missions, and children of all ages.  Bettering lives and serving others is our main goal, and because of this all of our directors and officers operate Little Changes on a completely volunteer basis.


Alex Moore – Executive Director: 



“I’m Alex Moore, and I am an engineer by trade.  I have had the privilege of visiting over 20 countries and to meet people from many more.  My experiences have helped me to see the beauty of life, but also the need that exists.  I became involved with Little Changes International because I believe in the potential of young people all over the world.  By investing in them, we allow them to be the ones who change the world.  I am excited to see their lives changed, but also to see them change lives!”

Daniel Colvin – Vice President


“My name is Daniel Colvin, and I’ve been grateful to have Jesus in my life since an early age. I grew up in a community of believers, and have been able to serve and work with a variety of ministries directed towards bringing hope and love to children.  As a high school and college student I served as a leader for 12-15 year olds at a local church and various children’s camps in the U.S., Russia, and Ecuador.  With the amazing work that God has done, I know that there is still so much more that He has in store!  I am excited and humbled to follow God’s lead through Little Changes, both as a means of enabling volunteers and empowering children as we seek to serve the ‘least of these’.”  Daniel studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston (2011), and is currently a small business owner.

Juliana Grisales – Director:

Juliana Grisales


I’m Juliana Grisales and I am from Colombia, South America. ‘I can do everything through Him who gives me strenght’ Philippians 4:13. I truly believe that our main purpose on this earth is to follow God and to live our faith by action. God has a bigger purpose for us. He has provided us with talents, which we should utilize to help others and to spread the good word of God. I feel blessed for being a part of Little Changes International and I am very excited for what it is to come. I am certain that God is going to continue using us in amazing ways and that God can use you as well by supporting our causes. God has a plan for all of us, we just need to have our hearts and minds open to be able to listen to him.”

Stephany Moore – Director



“My name is Stephany Moore. While I was a student at the University of Houston, God used Matthew 25:41-45 to open my eyes to things I did not see in the past. While living in Houston, I had found a passion for homeless people which lead to an opportunity to go to Uganda and work with street children. It was life-changing! God used this trip to tug at my heart in a way I could no longer sit and ignore. After doing ministry with children and young adults for years, I realized how important it is if we can change just one life. God put it in my heart to work with Little Changes to provide a better quality of life for many children worldwide. I am so blessed to be a part of something like this.”

Eric Heflin – Treasurer: 

Eric-LCI (1 of 1)


Eric Heflin currently works as an external auditor for a Houston accounting firm. He went to Texas A&M  University (Class of 2008) and is a CPA in the State of Texas.  God called Eric to get involved with Little Changes to make an impact on the lives of children who desperately need it and to pour love and hope into our future generations.


Jennifer Heflin – President:


“I’m Jennifer Heflin; I got involved with Little Changes  International because I felt that God was calling me to a greater purpose. I have been blessed with the opportunity of being on several mission trips which have opened my eyes to the needs of the world, but more specifically the needs of children. I’m very excited to witness first hand how God will use our passion and resources for His glory!”